Of Mice and Men

  • Analysere og drøfte en film, et skuespill (…) eller en roman.
  • Skrive formelle tekster med god struktur
  • Bruke relevant og presis terminologi for å beskrive språkets form og struktur
  • Drøfte forfatterens synspunkt og holdninger
  • Drøfte sosiale forhold og samfunnsforhold


Strength and weakness

-describe what it means to be strong or weak
-show examples of persons with a strong personality in the English speaking world
-show examples of a person who has made some wrong choices and who has had to pay the price
-write an essay about a film or a book where the characters fit this description Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men (1992)
Facts about the film:
Director: Gary Sinise
Lennie Small: John Malkovich
George Milton: Gary Sinise

The film is based on the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (1902-1968). Steinbeck grew up in Salinas in rural California, and worked on ranches in his youth. He later became one of the most famous American authors. Of Mice and Men (published 1937) is one of his most popular books, and tells the story of the migrant ranch workers Lennie and George during The Great Depression.

The Great Depression: The longest and worst economic depression in the Western world, initiated by a major stock market crash in New York in October 1929. It was a period of high unemployment and poverty in the USA and other countries, lasting until World War II.

Essay - structure

➢ The name of the book, the author-where he comes from and when he lived.
➢ Where and when do the events in this film take place?
➢ Retell the story the way it is told.
➢ Which episodes make up the action in this film?
➢ Is there a conflict (or are there several)? Explain your answer.
➢ If there is (are), how is it (are they) solved?
➢ Give a description of one or more of the three main characters and discuss their relationship (Curley’s wife, Lennie and George).
➢ Do these characters exist in real life?
➢ In your opinion, what is the message or general idea in this film? What is the film really about?
➢ Which lesson(s) did you learn from this – moral?

Things you also might want to icomment upon
• When did you understand how the story was going to end? Were you given any hints before that point (
• Where is the point of highest interest or dramatic intensity?
• Is the climax also a turning point because you are no longer in doubt about the outcome? Give your reasons
Foreshadowing as a technique
➢ Which events are foreshadowed in this story? (Clues about what is going to happen later in the film.) none
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