• My story

Aims and Objectives

  • A good story contains the following(vurderingskriterier):
    • Write at least one page
    • Use capital letters and full stop
    • Use paragraphs
    • Illustrate the text
    • Write an introduction
    • Write a main part
    • Write an ending
    • Use suspense (spenning)
  • Music ex.

Introduction: (one paragraph)
My name and what kind of music I want to write about.
Explain why.

Main part: (in paragraphs)
Location: where do you listen/play?
Persons: Who do you look up to?What bands do you like/play in?
Institutions: /who owns the record companies?
Objects What about the instruments? History, price etc.
Operations How do you learn to play the instrument?
Events: Where and when are the concerts?

Ending: (one pragraph)
Future: will this continue like this?
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