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International news and events

In this term you will work with news from around the world. You might want to watch the news on TV, read the news on the Internet, listen to the news on the radio, or just pick up the news from someone you talk to on the phone or chat with on MSN. Maybe you will even make the news! In this computerised world, there are many ways of staying in touch with what is going on in the world.

You should be able to do the following:

• Read and watch the news regularly (Internet, TV, Radio)
• Report the news to others
• Discuss the news with others
• Write a news article and publish it digitally
• Participate in a news forum digitally (comment facility, forum)

What do you think?

• What should be headline news?
• Who decides what is headline news?
• Where do we find information?
• How do the media present the news?
• Who owns the media?

Use the following expressions:

It is reported in the news
I have got news of his escape for you
The latest news, recent events, recent developments
It is on the news, front page news
He is in the news
They make the news, make the headlines
News is coming in from Australia
More news about the election results
He allegedly killed the victim
My view on this subject is that…
He expressed the view that… In my opinion, ….
His attitude towards this is…..
My point of view is that…
The public opinion
What is your policy on this matter
It can be argued that…
I disapprove of you smoking
I thoroughly agree with you
I strongly disagree with you
Keep something to yourself
Tell a secret