Workplan nr. 1


Who am I? Who are you? Who are the others?


• I can present somebody to a group of people ( 1 A4)
• I can present myself digitally (1A4)
• I can present somebody famous worldwide

• I can explain why English is a world language
• I can explain why English is the official language in many countries outside the United Kingdom.
• I can explain what happened to Afro-Americns
• I can explain what happened in one British colony

Writing frame for presenting a person.

I woud like to present...

He is very interested in ( mention three things).......

When he ( desribe the first thing).......

Moreover, he ( describe the second thing).....

Also, he ( describe the third thing).....

These days, he is thinking a lot about.....

Finally, in future he would like to.....

Writing frame for "English, a world language.: frame_english


  • I can write one page about a person
  • I can use paragraphs
  • I can use capital letters and full stop
  • I can explain how English became a world language
  • I can explain what happened to the native peoples in different areas
Not yet



Education –Utdanning
Yrkesfaglig engelsk – vocational English
Bygg- og anleggsteknikk – technical construction trades
Snekker - carpenter
Skole - school
Være på skolen – to be at school
Gå på skolen – go to school I would like to introduce...


• What do you look for in a person that you meet for the first time?
• What qualities do you appreciate the most / the least?
• How would you describe Norwegians compared to other nations?
• What fictional characters do you appreciate the most?
• What real characters do you look up to?

Sir Walter Raleigh or Ralegh [1 ] (c. 1552 – 29 October 1618), was a famed English writer , poet , soldier , courtier and explorer .
Raleigh was born to a Protestant family in Devon , the son of Walter Raleigh and Catherine Champernowne. Little is known for certain of his early life, though he spent some time in Ireland , in Killuagh castle , Clonmellon , County Westmeath , taking part in the suppression of rebellions and participating in two infamous massacres at Rathlin Island and