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B Present one film that you really like

Presentation: options: a) written text b) power point presentation or c) multimedia 5 min. film production

bilde3.jpgSuccess criteria:

I can
Not yet
I can introduce the film ( director, producer, writer)
The film is produced by..., directed by.. and based upon a novel by......)

I can explain the setting.
(The story is set in......(where)....(when)

I can retell the plot of a film
the story the way it is told in the same sequence as in the film)

I can explain the film techniques used in some scenes
(the montage - the way the film is cut, the use of costumes, music etc)

I can discuss one or more characters
(The interesting characters change.Describe the change and what causes the change: In the beginning....., then........... in the end ......)

I can discuss one or more themes in the film
( What is the message in this film and how does this fit into the real world+?)

I can name six international companies - producers of films

I can say something about the Norwegian film industry

I can participate in a forum where participants discuss films they have seen.

I can use a vocabulary related to film and film production


This is to help you

film glossary http://www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/student/humanities/film.shtml#glossary
writing frame-simple http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/english/contents06writingnonfiction.htm
review-example http://www.spiritofbaraka.com/how-to-write-a-movie-review.aspx
How to make a film: http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/oneminutemovies/howto/
How to make a film http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Course:WikiU_Film_School_Course_01_-_Learning_the_Basics_of_Filmmaking

Important vocabulary:

Writer - the one who writes a book, a short story or has experienced something very interesting that will be the basis of the film (J K Rowling)
Director - The man who decides to make a film out of a book or a story and who presents the idea to a production company (ex. Stephen Spielberg)
Production company - The company that decides to invest money in a new film using a producer (Twentieth Century Fox for example)
Actors - the actors who are going to act in the film ( Arnold, Ronald etc)
Film Power Point
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Film team- a group of people working together to make the film:
Script writer - he makes dialogs out of the text the film is based upon
Scenarist /screen writer- he takes the dialogs and describes how and where the scenes will be. It can be a real events or fictional events
Camera manager - he decides where from and how the filming will be done when they film the different scenes
Light manager - he is in charge of the light setting in the studio
Costume design - the people who are working to make clothes for all the actors
Make up - the people who are working to make the actors look the part they are playing
Music - the person who decides what kind of music the film will use
Film editor - he decides how to cut the scenes into a full film. There is montage (time is mixed up) and long-shot ( true time)
CD producer - the one who makes the film into CDs that can be sold and distributed all over the world.
Director of photography - the man in charge of posters and pictures in relation to the film
Financial manager - he sees to it that the budget is kept. Some films are very expensive ( Titanic cost $ 200 million)

Film Terms
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Film glossary
Montage -long shot
Zoom, close-up – panorama
Slow motion
Tracking, fade, dissolve