English Workplans
Tacoma Bridge collapse



• Give three examples of a bridge construction

• Describe materials that might be used to build a bridge

• Find your favorite bridge and tell her story

• Give the symbolic meaning of the word “bridge” – write a text to illustrate your point

Kjennetegn på måloppnåelse/sjekkliste:

I can:
Not yet
I can name four types of bridges

I can name four types of materials used in bridges

I can talk about one bridge for 5 minutes (skriveramme)

I can write about Tacoma bridge

I can retell a short stoy or a poem about a bridge

I have read poems about bridges

I can explain the symbolic use of the term bridge and give examples

I can take part in a discussion about the strategic importance of bridges

Skriveramme: One Bridge

I would like to present...(Bridge, who built it and when)....

The bridge is located in.....(where)

The bridge is made of......( material and type of bridge)...

The bridge is important because........(how is it used)

I chose this bridge because..........


http://bridgecontest.usma.edu/download.htm (download-bridgedesigner 3D)
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/bridge/build.html(Quiz, hsitory)
Bridge at Remagen(1969) trailer:


A bridge is a structure built to span a gorge, valley, road, railroad track, river, body of water, or any other physical obstacle, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. Designs of bridges will vary depending on the function of the bridge and the nature of the terrain where the bridge is to be constructed. (Wikipedia)

Vocabulary (go t the link above to listen to the definitions below)

arch bridge
Definition:A type of bridge in which its weight is carried outward along the curve to supports at each end.
Context:One of the oldest connecting structures, arch bridges can have a span of up to 1,700 feet. The Iron Bridge, located in England, is an example of a well-known arch bridge.

beam bridge
Definition:A simple type of bridge composed of horizontal beams supported by vertical posts
Context:Hundreds of workers helped build vertical supports for the beam bridge.

cable-stayed bridge
Definition:A bridge in which the roadway deck is suspended from cables anchored to one or more towers.
Context:Unlike suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges do not block a driver’s view of the water.

cantilever bridge
Definition:A projecting structure supported only at one end, much like a shelf bracket or a diving board.
Context:A cantilever bridge has two towers located on opposite sides of a body of water.

Definition:The distance between two supports of a bridge.
Context:The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has a span of 4,260 feet, the longest of any bridge in the United States.

Definition:A long, strong wire rope that supports a mast.
Context:One of the steel stays that supported the bridge snapped, but fortunately, the structure didn’t collapse.

suspension bridge
Definition:A bridge in which the roadway is hung from strong cables that pass over two towers.
Context:The George Washington Bridge is the second longest suspension bridge in New York City.

Definition:A force that stretches a material apart, often making the material longer.
Context:When cars travel on a suspension bridge, they put tension on the vertical cables.

Definition:A rigid frame composed of short, straight pieces joined to form a series of triangles or other stable shapes.
Context:Many suspension bridges have a series of trusses beneath the roadway to prevent the bridge from twisting.

Discussion Questions

1. Thousands of cars drive over bridges each day. What are some techniques used to enable bridges to withstand this level of wear and tear? What keeps the bridges from falling down?
2. In October 1989, a strong earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area caused tremendous structural damage to many bridges. What are some ways that such bridge damage might be avoided in the future?
3. What is the longest bridge in your area? Why was it built? What factors determined the materials used to design and build it? Did the builders face any special challenges?
4. Does a career as a bridge builder or engineer sound interesting to you? Why or why not? What challenges do you think would be particularly frustrating?
5. The U.S. government requires states to inspect and evaluate all bridges at least once every two years. What are some ways that technology can be used to make the inspection of bridges more efficient and effective?
6. In addition to being functional, bridges frequently become attractive landmarks for a town or region. Which bridges do you think are most visually appealing? Why?


Bridge of Sighs Robin Trower ( Venice)
Under the Bridge Red Hot Chilli Peppers ( drugs)